英语 and 数学 10

Prepare your students for the ISTEP + Assessment with the 印第安纳州的在线 Prep Course!


  • 基于标准的
  • 课程 are aligned to the State Curriculum Standards
  • Individualized assessment
  • The school may provide an onsite facilitator
  • $25 per student per class
  • Individual students are able to participate (学生, register now: 数学 | 英语)
  • 学校 please complete registration form online (Download format: Excel | PDF). 电子邮件 the completed form to P.O.s accepted at time of registration.

The 印第安纳州的在线 ISTEP + courses are designed as a self-evaluative preparatory review in 数学 10 and 英语 10. It is suggested that the student begin the 印第安纳州的在线 course approximately 3 weeks before the scheduled testing date. These courses may be used by individual students. 然而, to attain full benefit, it is recommended the courses be conducted in a classroom environment facilitated by a teacher in the curriculum area.

For a school to register, please complete the registration form providing a P.O. number, billing information, school contact name, student name, email address and the testing dates. 印第安纳州的在线 will upload the student data, create student accounts and email to the contact person the student’s user account passwords. Please allow 1 week to establish the enrollments.

进一步的问题? 联系 the 印第安纳州的在线 office by emailing